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innocent smoothies: Europe’s favourite smoothie brand considers expanding into the Russian soft drinks market.
Richard, Jon and Adam, the three co- founders of innocent were sitting in the board room at innocent’s headquarters Fruit Towers discussing the international expansion they could achieve thanks to the injection of cash from and global experience of the Coca Cola Company . With the goal of becoming the biggest small drinks company in the world, they are currently operating in 15 European countries and they have set their sights on launching in a BRIC market. They have decided to commission a firm of consultants to consider the viability of Russia as a market in which to launch their smoothies.
The beginnings Richard
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Diversification has been important in the company’s growth story. Innocent is the number-one smoothies brand in the UK and in many of the European territories where the product has sold, however much of the company’s growth has been maintained by new lines as the smoothie market has become commoditised. In order to maintain volumes in the smoothie market innocent have concentrated on innovation in flavours and launched big take home tetra packs, smoothies for children and innocent thickies with probiotic yoghurt.
Today, Europe’s favourite smoothie company is selling their natural healthy product in 15 countries and employs over 250 people across Europe. In just over a decade, innocent has established itself as an iconic British company with a market leading position in its home territory and across much of Europe.
The innocent brand:
From the outset, innocent has delighted its customers with its straightforward almost irreverent approach to business using a simple, down-to-earth communications techniques that mirror the no-nonsense honesty of the innocent brand and its products. Instinct played a big part in the development of the Innocent logo and packaging. The founders wanted to show that the product was fun and good for you. They did not have a sophisticated marketing plan but were clear that it had to taste and look good and that it needed to stand out on café shelves. Innocent’s primary target market was young urban

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