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J.C. Penney is a retail outlet that operates in many locations globally. It deals with product lines such as clothing, footwear, beauty products, electronics, and jewelry. There are several changes that have taken place in the macro environment that promises to increase the fortunes of the company. The advertisement in technology is one single important factor that has increased the performance of the business (Ali, 2007). The company has an elaborate website through which it uses to tap the online market. In fact, thirty percent of the company’s revenue comes from the website. The overall threat of new entrants in the retail market is a high level threat as it is relatively easy and inexpensive to enter…show more content…
Penney without using any gas (added cost) to drive from one store to another. The internal analysis of the company paints a picture of a firm that is well endowed with resources, both human and capital. The company boasts of an asset base of $11.4 billion according to the financial reports for the year 2012. This is huge, and it shows that the company is well grounded and has the capacity to gain a competitive edge in the highly competitive retail market in which it operates (Britton & Jorissen, 2007). The company is equally endowed with qualified and skilled employees at all levels. This explains the reason why the company has consistently registered high efficiency and productivity in its operations. Mike Ulman, the chief executive officer and Mr. Thomas Engibous, who is the Chairman, head the company. The company has expanded significantly and currently it has footing in 11,106 locations globally. Firms competing within this industry obviously must focus on several factors in order to be successful and achieve profitability. If you focus on their primary activities for their value chain analysis a few major things you need to focus on are their logistics, marketing, how they operate, and customer service. For their logistics, they offer free shipping to anywhere depending on how much you spend and where you are. Therefore, they must have a large and quick distribution facility that can handle large orders efficiently, but also increase their

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