intimate partner violence

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Sociology of the Family December 10, 2013 Intimate partner violence among cohabitating or married couples A part of human nature is to form relationships with others in our society. We form these relationships to preserve ourselves and the greater good of mankind. These relationships we as humans form , are supposed to be synergistic to both parties that are involved in said relationship. Unfortunately, twenty-two percent of women and seven percent of men have been victims of intimate partner violence over the course of their lives (Seecombe,2012,pg.309). We must also take the statistical data with a grain of salt. Sadly, most cases of intimate partner violence go unreported due to people not wanting to get into what they believe to…show more content…
Another consequence of all this violence is all the stress it causes. Chronic stress can lead to immune disorders as well as gastrointestinal problems. Victims of Intimate partner violence also often suffer from sleep disorders, depression, and anxiety. The victims are also more likely to partake in harmful substances like drugs or alcohol. (Seecombe 2012 pg. 312) If a mother or father is suffering for any of these many consequences, it seriously impairs their ability to be an adequate parent. There are many explanations of violence among intimate, which are on both the micro and the macro-level. The intergenerational transmission of violence perspective is a micro-level explanation of why some people commit these abusive acts. The perspective explores that violence is a learned behavior and that those who experience it as a child were more twenty percent more likely to abuse as adults. ( Seecombe 2012 pg.323) This also brings light to the startling fact the other eighty percent do not abuse as adults. The stress explanation, which is also a micro-level explanation, shows that families who are experiencing a great deal of stress are more likely to abuse their partners than those who have coping skills and seek counseling. If we look at the bigger, macro-level, explanations to this violence we begin to see worldly
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