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Read Chapter 5 and answer the following questions and watch you tube video below: 1. What are the 6 main barriers to effective communication? Which barriers are easiest to surmount? Why? 1. The six barriers of effective communication are, 1)Physical barriers 2)Language barriers 3)Body language barriers 4)Perceptual barriers 5)Organizational barriers 6)Cultural barriers. In my opinion I believe that the easiest barriers to surmount are the physical barrier. Often people act as if nothing is bothering them, and the can hide their physical discomforts. 2. Why is nonverbal communication so important? How can you tell when non-verbal communication is effective? 1. Nonverbal communication is important because, in the text it stated…show more content…
There are many communication channels which include emails, voicemails, and face to face meetings, when deciding which channel should be implemented all depends on the three factors mentioned above. If you can to bring awareness to work place safety an email can be sent out to an entire organization rather than face to face which each individual. 5. When you develop messages, what factors should you consider as you choose your words? Which considerations do you think are most important? Why? 1. When developing a message THE RIGHT WORDS are important. There are many factors in choice of word that should be considered they include the audience and intent, expectations, educational level, and profession. These are all key elements in developing a presentation. In my opinion I think that there are two important factors that must always be taken into consideration which are the expectation of the presentation as well as the education of the audience. Which these two this helps the presented to develop accurate means of communication with the audience. 6. How should the needs and expectations of your reader affect the structure of your writing? Why does it matter? 1. The needs and expectations of our readers affect the structure of writing because, in a professional stand point if develops the structure of writing. Understanding the needs and expectation helps to

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