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Iran-Contra Scandal

The Cold War peaked the interest of the entire globe. Each threat, policy and action that took place had ramifications far more reaching then ever imaginable. The world sat on edge because it feared its own destruction, after the introduction of nuclear warfare at the close of World War II, another World War could result in the Earth’s demise. This fear ran through the hearts and minds of citizens of both the United States and the Soviet Union, but it is the citizens elsewhere that had to pay the consequences for these fears. The “race” to become the premier superpower of the world between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. did not always remain as subsided as many like to believe. Many regions of the world were held accountable
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     To understand the Iran-contra Affair it is necessary to understand American-Iranian relations leading up to the scandal. Since the origin of both major powers, Iran had managed to “to maintain its independence as a nation-state by playing the two superpowers against one another.” And it was when the two rivals came to an understanding that, “Iranian leaders saw their country’s independence and identity in serious jeopardy.”[2] The turning point in the relationship between the Iran and the United States began “after [the United States] part in the overthrow of Muhammad Musadiq in 1953, the United States found itself the object of growing Iranian criticism.”[3] Moderate, nationalistic opposition forces and radical leftist began to refer to the United States as an “imperialistic, oppressive external force,” all as Shi’i religious leaders begun condemning America and their policies. “Iranians of all political persuasions increasingly formed a negative image of the United States.”[4] America exposed itself as no longer an external liberating force that was held responsible for protecting Iran from Great Britain and the Soviet Union, and instead, became the exploiter.
     “Throughout the 1970’s the United

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