is rationalisation a desireable strategy for junction hotel

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Foundations Of Managing And Organising N0451474 Assessment 2: Discuss which approach to managing and organising Junction Hotel would be most effective for the long –term success of the hotel: personality and motivation 3000 words This essay will be discussing the affects that Junction Hotel would sustain if they were to implement rationalisation as a strategy. Julien Freund (1968) defines rationalisation as "the organization of life through a division and coordination of activities on the basis of exact study of men 's relations with each other, with their tools and their environment, for the purpose of achieving greater efficiency and productivity.” Junction Hotel has recently suffered a fall in…show more content…
Analysing a more humanist approach he argued how treating people as a machine is degrading towards the human spirit. Furthermore Elton mayo (1984) investigated against rationalisation approach using the ‘Hawthorne experiments’ concluding how managers or observers aswell as colleagues can affect how well people work. Morgan (2006) also looked into human minds and behaviour and argued that even though machines have an everyday use in society negative effects can occur such as affecting the ‘human spirit’ in routinized activities. Rationalisation as an approach towards Junction Hotel can show its advantages in efficiency levels however; even efficiency is not always affected in a positive way as Ritzer (2011) explains using the organisation McDonald’s as his focus, constructing social theories in the organisation about how people’s creativity can be restrained in the repetitive workforce. Ritzer (2011) explains his theory upon how individuals in the workplace are affected by a more psychological perspective. Thinking about the rationalisation approach towards the Junction Hotel may not only limit staff member’s creativity, but make the current workplace more repetitive and therefore dull. Increasing managing customers in an efficient time may also create a negative affect by increasing the workload per person
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