is your coke ok

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Leaning about CB: Is Your Coke Ok

1. Marketing is a category of actions that include all of the efforts a company or individual makes to convince consumers and potential consumers of the value a product or service holds for them so that the consumer will purchase the product or service. It is all about product promotion. Marketing has a heavy research component to it, because marketers have to understand who their target market is and what their values, beliefs, and attitudes are. It is these components that marketers must address and convince in their marketing efforts. Consumer behavior is related to marketing in that it constitutes the study of the values, beliefs, and attitudes of an individual or groups that a company
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I chose the Naked Juice over the fresh fruit because it was just more appealing and convenient. A consumer behavior researcher would see this decision as being tied to the value for convenience and health. Naked Juice will need to continue marketing the product as a convenient combination of tasty juice and fresh fruit servings.
Day two- On this day, I went to the mall to purchase some shoes for an upcoming vacation I am taking over spring break. I noticed that I do not have a good pair of casual, comfortable shoes to walk around in, so I went to find some. I went to Off Broadway shoes and narrowed my choices down to a pair of Sperry’s boat shoes and Toms. Both were reasonably priced and met my basic needs for comfort and durability. I decided to purchase the Toms because they are less associated with self-centered fashion and instead do some good for the global community. A consumer behavior researcher would see my decision as being tied to the value for social consciousness and responsibility. Toms should continue to market the brand as being about helping neighbors to encourage this perception.
Day three – On day three, I noticed that I had run out of bathroom tissue paper, so I went to Wal-Mart to purchase some more. When I got to the aisle, there were more than ten choices for me to consider. For me, toilet paper is toilet paper, and I don’t have a particular affinity
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