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Assignment 2 – Case Study 1. Explain how the concept of nature versus nurture may assist Jarrod to understand his personal history. By explaining the nature versus nurture theory to Jarrod I would hope to help him understand on a very basic level that history often repeats itself. I would endeavor to help him realise that his own behaviour throughout his life, is directly linked to the behaviour of his mother and his father. Some theorist believe that who we are, who we become, is predetermined by nature. They believe that we are born this way as it is in our genetic makeup. That it is not only our hair colour or facial features that resemble our parents but also our intellect and personality. If it is all down to nature, Jarrod…show more content…
During his early adolescence the id was dominant in many of Jarrod’s decisions. His use of illegal drugs was the id’s instinctual response to reducing the pain that Jarrod felt about his life at home. The id is impulsive and cares little for consequence. It is driven by the need to avoid discomfort and has no regard for what is right or good. This explains the poor choices that landed Jarrod in juvenile detention. His lack of impulse control also points to a personality that is primarily driven by the id component. This could also be a result of guilt and shame arising when the super-ego is allowed some input. In Jarrod’s current phase his personality seems more balanced. It appears that he is living in the here and now and has stopped trying to escape the demons of his past by the use of illegal substances. He is no longer running away from his problems and is beginning to take some ownership over his behaviour. This is his ego in action. He wants to take control of his life. Understanding Freud’s theory enables me to understand driving forces behind his past decisions. It also allows me to see that he is now able to control his impulses and delay decision making until he has considered the consequences of his actions. He will be more reasonable to work with in
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