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A 4-MAT Review System: The Complete Guide to Marriage Mentoring Diane Jaynes Liberty University Summary The Complete Guide to Marriage Mentoring by Les & Leslie Parrott, came straight from their hearts. They encourage individuals to become marriage mentors founded on the Word of God (Parrott, 2005). As Christians, we need to wage a war on divorce and empower couples to build rock solid relationships (Parrott, 2005). One of the main things that the authors discuss in this book is The Marriage mentoring Triad. The triad has three important aspects to it and they are as follows: Preparing: Most couples view their wedding as a culmination of a courtship process. But in reality, it is just a beginning.…show more content…
At the same time, these things do not control who we are. Our daughter Beka has been engaged to a young man for 2 years now that does not share the same family values as our family does. He claims to be a Christian, but he judges her parents based on how his former pastor and family acted at the church he did attend. This young man did not grow up in a Christian home and his parents did not get married until they already had for five kids of their 10 kids. He has spends quite a lot of time with us as a family and had even went on vacations with us. He has witnessed arguments and disagreements between me and Dean, and he has also seen how we deal with our conflict right then and there, we don’t walk away from it and most of the time it is over and done within five minutes and we do not bring up again. We will never disrespect each other in any way, even though we are having a disagreement. He has made the comment to our daughter, that the pastor and his family should not be having these conflicts. Because he is comparing us to another pastor, that he only sees his actions on Sunday mornings. We have told him, that he needs to go on vacation with this family, go spend time at their home and you will see that all pastors are human and yes they do have marital and family disagreements but that does not make them bad people. When our daughter and he have arguments and disagreements, he will walk away and most times, get in his car

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