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The John F. Kennedy Assassination
On November 22,1963,President Kennedy was in attendance at a Dallas parade.One of the biggest tragic moments happened in U.S. history before the naked eye.President John F. Kennedy was assassinated around 12:34 he celebrated with the Dallas crowd to show admiration towards them and their city(Mintaglio 60).The suspected assassin Robert L. Oswald,a former U.S. marine,was afterward caught not long following the assassination in a near by theatre(Newman 56).Later to discover he himself was assassinated by Jack Ruby while he was being escorted publicly to the court room.A study of the John F.Kennedy assassination would include the conspiracy theories, the plans of the assassination ,and the alleged
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The killing of Oswald was well planned because it made the investigation harder to solve with the prime suspect

killed(Sneed 456).Jack Ruby the mobster club owner refused to cooperate with investigators and denied to let anyone know why he really killed Oswald.Ruby later died in jail because of cancer and still left a big knot in the investigation of Kennedy’s assassination(JFK Assassination Reasearch material).
The unusual signs just prior to the Kennedy’s assassination led to some questions but everything went as planned because of the smoothness of executing the plan. Consequently, the Presidents car leaving the parade at ten miles an hour and left Oswald with a easier shot at President Kennedy. Also, the Presidents car leaving the parade through the new route was closer to Oswald’s hideout(John F.Kennedy Assassination Homepage).Subsequently,the new route disorientated the police guards at there post and it made the view for Oswald’s shot unmistakable at President Kennedy(Sneed 311).With everyone hearing a high powered rifle being shot, police had a tough time looking for the accurate suspect with a rifle because almost everyone in Dallas had one in there truck during the hunting season(Minutaglio 149).Thus,evidence showed that the assassination was well planned.
Finally, the C.I.A., Oswald ,and Ruby had many connections with the assassination of Kennedy.Ruby was known for his mob relations and kept the mob still as an assumed
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