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aristocrat-- Upper-class nobility. feudal aid--Rights benefiting both lord and vassals.Vassals gave money at the marriage of the lord's eldest daughter. feudalism --A system of cooperation among peoples which was basically an exchange of land for protection. fief --The land granted to the vassal. homage --A ceremony which bound the vassal's physical protection for the lord of the manor. investiture-- The vassal gives his allegiance and is given his rights to control the land but not have ownership of it. knighthood --Able-bodied men who are hired by the vassal for the protection of the lord. standing army --A group of soldiers ready to do battle. subinfeudation --Breaking down an already-smaller portion of land in exchange…show more content…
As a squire, he would personally serve the knight and undergo more intense training, eventually leading to being a mounted soldier who assisted his knight in battle. The squire training would continue for approximately five years until he was deemed eligible for knighthood. The ceremony for knighthood could come from another knight, who would dress the squire in armor and dub him with a sword. The new knight would then follow a strict code of chivalry. Knights were known for intense loyalty for their lords and severe justice to those they battled. The court system in feudalism is still seen today, as many of the parts of the lord's court have carried down through the ages. If vassals had disputes among one another, the differences were brought to the lord's court. Today in our American courts we still carry the idea of one presiding authority - a judge - and peers who will help in the decision making process--a jury. A vassal would answer a summons and obey the final decision of the court or lose his fief. The vassal fiefdoms could become quite large, as history shows us. King John of England ruled the land in the early 1200's but in reality, he was a vassal to his lord, King Philip Augustus of France for lands that were in France. King John refused some of the rulings of Philip and war broke out between the factions. As a result, John lost some of his fiefs.

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