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Here's your big chance to make some extra cash right out of your home. You won't believe how much money you can make doing this. You can easily make up to a $1000 weekly working only 2-3 hours a day. We will supply you with all materials to start making $4.00 for every letter you process and mail out! The best part of all this is there is no limit! You can ship us back as many letters as you want. Positions are being filled very quickly and the longer you wait, the more likely you will not get accepted in this once in a lifetime opportunity! Keep reading to learn more and register today!

You will NEVER have to sell any of our products in ordered to get paid. Your pay will be based on the number of letters you mail us. You will not have
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Once our envelopes are shipped to your house, all you do is mail our envelopes back to our company and insert our professionally written sales letters inside. For every envelope stuffed with our sales letter inside, you will be paid $4.00 for each one. That's it!!! Our company handles the rest. The completed envelopes will be mailed back to us in bulks. Our company will supply you with envelopes to ship back the completed envelopes. All postage expenses will be added onto your paychecks so you will not have to pay any postage expenses.

Mailing letters from home

Our company is currently seeking dependable workers from all over the world to support our mailing efforts. We do not wish to hire regular employees to handle the task of processing letters for it puts a great strain on our company's budget. Not only do employees require a salary, but also in addition, the company has to consider benefits, insurance, vacation, office space and a host of other added expenses that are far too costly for us. The main difference between working for someone in an office and at home is cost. Companies will save money on: machinery, office space, office equipment, and not having to hire full time employees when they won't need them all year around. This is why companies can afford to pay so much more to people mailing letters from home. It can make it less expensive for companies to farm-out certain

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