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When journalism is chosen as a career, society tends to have a stereotypical image of a group of photographers chasing celebrities. If not, then an image of an anonymous person writing biased comments about current affairs, trying to manipulate the truth. However, their real work earns them every cent they deserve unlike the heartless lawyers who earns millions for defending criminals. The work of journalism, on the hand, consists of interviewing and attending events in all conditions in order to gather news and information for public interest. This is followed by further research into the background information then assessing suitability of reports and articles for public. The process is much more difficult than expected, especially with…show more content…
Some other requirements may be learnt in further education after senior high school, such as understanding laws of defamation, contempt and copyright.

To find a career in journalism, two options are provided but both require a pass in the year 12 HSC with preferably good results in English. The first option would be to study a degree at university for three years followed by a one year graduate cadetship, which is on-the-job training by professional journalists. The other alternative is undertaking a three year cadetship to gain experience and training under supervision of senior journalists. Although this is more common than study at university, there is a large competition for cadetships.

One of the reasons for competition of cadetships may be due to the income being the biggest attraction of journalism. Although most enters the career due to passion or natural talents, there is no doubt that the income would be an incentive. This is only reasonable as journalism can be seen as a risky job, especially during the research of information. If there was any danger, income would be the main compensation. As common sense, money is essential for survival and the average income of journalism is adequate. According to the Bureau of Statistics a rational amount of journalists may earn the same or more income than doctors and lawyers under different circumstances. Even though the income for journalist is appealing,

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