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A journalist is someone who works in the news gathering business, such as a photographer, editor or reporter. Journalism is all around us. It dominates television and surrounds us in the vast publishing industry of popularization. Journalism influence our perspectives on issues concerning us. In other words, its undeniable that journalism has a deep impact on our lives. There are two sides to journalism – good journalism and bad journalism. According to K. Minogue, the journalist has the power to mould the information they receive into “propaganda” or they could just report the news with additions of both side of the story. Journalism could even cause a political uproar like uncovering the Watergate scandal that forced…show more content…
A dishonest journalist would face charges by the court.      Being independent would mean that there is no government influence in the media. The Singapore Press Holding (SPH), the leading newspaper publisher in Singapore, is a private holding company. However, the Singapore government has a system of controlling every media outlet through annual licensing requirements. Several foreign news organizations have been fined in Singapore like The Economist magazine. It seems to Bill Kovach, a journalist and writer for forty years and the founding director of the Committee of Concerned Journalists and its programs that the government and journalism work hand in hand together. He states, Without journalism, without a steady, reliable flow of independent information without which the creation, care and continuation of a public opinion would not be possible – self government would disappear. Journalism and self government will rise or fall together. ( Kovach B , 2002 ) Thus, I believe that the publishers in Singapore should not a be totally independent of the government as through journalism, it would help to increase understanding between the government and the public. Defending the principle of tight regulation of the media, at a meeting with journalists in December (2004), Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore Minister Mentor, said, The role of journalists in Singapore is that of contributing to the nation's development and is not

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