juvenile crime Essay

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To many Americans today, the country is a hostage-but not from oversea terrorism as one might expect to think. No today, we live in fear from our own children; and these are the same young people who we are entrusting the future of this great country with. According to the Department of Justice report released in November, thirty-eight percent of those arrested for weapons offenses in 1995 were under the age of eighteen (Curriden). In the same report, the Bureau of Justice Statistics stated that in 1995, 3 out of every 100 eighteen-year-olds were arrested for weapons offenses. A rate three times higher than for males twenty-five to twenty-nine and five times higher than for males thirty to thirty-four (Curriden). …show more content…
      Juveniles should receive capitol punishment, they should be imprisoned with adults so that maybe, just maybe we can get to the ones that still have a chance and make a difference for them as well as us. In San Antonio, Texas, in 1995 Victoria Dalton a thirteen year old girl, is convicted of smothering two small children left in her care. When interrogated and asked why and how could she do such a thing, her reply was, “They just wouldn’t shut up!”. Apparently Victoria suffers from migraine headaches, and the two children had pushed her pass her limit. Later during her arrainement, Victoria stated to the judge that she was only thirteen and wondered why she couldn’t go home yet (Edmonds).
      Fifteen hundred miles away, in Portland, Oregon Brandon Roses ten is found guilty of murdering his five-year-old sister because he claimed that she was annoying him. Later investigators found out that Brandon’s father had told him that killing his sister was “OK”, because he was too young to be put in jail. Another investigation is currently under way (Edmonds). In Austin, Texas, two young men Efrain Perez and Raul Villareal were both seventeen in June of 1993. As part of Villareal’s gang initiation, the boys spent the evening in an open field drinking and fighting among

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