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Kaiser Permanente: An Integrated Delivery Health care System Abstract Kaiser Permanente is a managed care facility that provides services across the health care continuum. Over the years the organization has continually made efforts toward improvements since it was first founded in 1945. These improvements generate a series of successes that set Kaiser apart from similar organizations. But, just as any health care delivery system, Kaiser has faced challenges in the past, present and may continue to do so in the future. In this paper I will explain what attributes to the success of Kaiser Permanente and some of the challenges they face. Kaiser Permanente is an integrated managed care facility that became…show more content…
This form of communication allows physicians to better grasp certain cultural disparities and more effectively treat patients. (Commonwealth fund June 2009) The fact that there are broad spectrums of services available within the Kaiser Permanente network makes it easier to coordinate patient care. For example the Northern California site has implemented programs that focus on five “imperatives of personal care”, which are: patients have to have a primary care doctor, they need to be able to see that physician, patients that call have a short telephone wait, patients should receive timely appointments and have a great care experience (Commonwealth fund June 2009). Care management definitely plays a crucial role in health care. When the patients needs are met and quality care is received the result is patient satisfaction and potentially cost saving for the organization. Patients not only have to deal with health issues, many experience challenges within their environment and certain limitations depending on socioeconomic status. Therefore , coordination of patient care is key to the success of any health care delivery system. These key elements mentioned are just a few components that contribute to the success of Kaiser, but with success come failure. Although the Kaiser Permanente Foundation seems like an ideal integrated facility to many, they have experienced some ridicule over their high premium rates. In The New York Times article written by Reed
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