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History: -
Founded in 1992 by Lu Quin with a small investment, a ceramics machinery manufacturer. They modeled their business after the European market leaders. By 2002, they got listed on the shanghai Stock Exchange, in 2009 they reported revenues of US$209M almost double the amount of 2006.

Nature of Keda's business: -
Their sales orders were typically characterized by customization, low volumes and high margins. Their business also offered plant design and technical consulting services to industrial clients
Keda's business heavily relied on key business functions - such as R & D, purchase of raw materials, inventory management, production - that comprised mainly of assembly line and workshop process, logistics and S&M.
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Each of these projects would be completed in phases and help centralize most of the processes

 Zhu defined clear objectives and aligned initiatives with the company's goals
 Conducted Status-Quo analysis to identify existing problems
 Delineated what problems they were trying to solve, what issues they faced, what resources and investments were needed
 Also understood business requirements from various levels of management
 Established shared objectives
 Zhu stopped other IT projects and focused efforts on the computerization plan
 Also prioritized objectives according to urgency
 Zhu aimed for improvement in:
 Management control
 Information quality

Process of choosing an ERP vendor
 Vendor invited to visit Keda and understand the objectives and needs of Keda
 This also allowed Keda's managers to learn more about information systems and information technology
 Visited the exisiting clients of the ERP vendors
 Allowed Keda to gain insights on the vendors and also possible complications in the implementation process
 Keda could avoid the mistakes made by other companies
 Zhu defined what Keda needed and hence had a clear selection criteria for the
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