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1. Why must companies practice corporate social responsibility?

Companies that practice corporate social responsibility (CSR) introduce policies that consider environmental, societal and financial impacts in their decision making. Operations functions from supply management to product design to packaging, play a profound role in meeting corporate social responsibility goals.

2. Find statements of sustainability for a well known company online and analyze that firm’s policy?

Automotive – automotive companies like HONDA, which is independently developing two new alternative fuelled vehicle technologies such as the natural gas powered Civic and a hydrogen fuel cell powered model.

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a. Systems View – This means looking at a product’s life from design to disposal including all the resources required. Recognizing that both materials and human resources are subsystems of any production process may provide a helpful perspective. Similarly, the product or service itself is a small part of much larger social, economic and environmental systems. Indeed the managers need to understand the inputs and interfaces between the interacting systems and identify how changes in one system affect others. For example, hiring or laying off employees can be expected to have morale implications for systems in an organization, as well as socioeconomics implications for external systems. Similarly, dumping chemicals down the drain has implications on other systems. Once managers understand that the systems immediately under their control have interactions with systems below them and above them, more informed judgements regarding sustainability can be made. b. Commons – Many inputs to a production system have market prices, but others do not. Those that do not are those held by the public, or in the common. Those resources held in the common are often misallocated. Examples include depletion of fish in international waters and polluted air and waterways. The attitude seems to be that just a little more fishing or a little more pollution will not matter, or the

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