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10/1/2013 BEBE Seduction: Relayed through Jib Fowles’ “Fifteen basic appeals” in Advertising In the world we live in today advertising has all but consumed us as Americans. An essay entitled “Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals “by Jib Fowles explains how advertisements affect and influence us daily in society. He explains how marketers through advertisements play on your needs, emotional feelings and sometimes desires to draw consumer to their brands. Fowles discusses fifteen main appeals that marketers use in ads and commercials in hopes we will purchase their product. In the October issue of Glamour Magazine there’s an ad promoting the brand BEBE. In this ad it has a timeline of a woman getting ready to go out and enjoy her…show more content…
The fact that he’s standing there that makes us pay closer attention to her. At the bottom of this picture there’s caption that catches your eye “Nina in NYC. Where does the night take you? ”. This question and the writing across the second going into third frame (9pm to 5am: Obey all the rules, you miss all the fun) demands us to pay attention through an open question and a rebellious overtone and essentially takes us to the last frame. In accordance with Fowles’s theory everything I’ve mentioned grabbed our attention and actually takes us to the next frame. This last picture of the ad was introduced by a passage from the second to third frame stating, “9pm to 5am: Obey all the rules, you miss all the fun”. This in words is the essence of the ad letting you know that the pictures are a timeline, and it also says to live a little without being direct. Here the woman is on her knees in the middle of the bed. By centering the woman in the bed looking in what we perceive is the morning light we have no choice but to give this attention. Fowles says advertisers will exhibit the models, in their beauty and here we have a beautiful woman in the morning light sun ray making her face glow. Behind the woman in the bed very inconspicuous like is her date also basking in the morning sun. In like all the frames her eyes never meet the camera which makes you pay attention to her. This action alone draws you in. This was all
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