kite runner

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1. Where did they move to after Pakistan?

They moved to America after Pakistan.

2. What job did Baba get?

Baba got a job at a gas station.

3. Why didn’t he want food stamps?

Baba refused food stamps because this was an insult to his pride. He is mentioned to have a strict code of honour and pride and accepting outside help to take care of his own problem.

4. What did Baba give Amir for his birthday? Why?

Baba gave Amir a coveted Stingray bicycle and a fancy wristwatch, but Amir felt like those gifts were “blood money.”

5. What did Amir decide to study in college?

Amir decided to study English and major in it. Baba considers it petty and not an actual job.
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6. Why didn’t the General want Jamila to sing in public?

7. What year was Amir’s first book Published?
8. Why do people whisper behind Soraya’s back?
9. Why didn’t the doctor say they couldn’t have children? What did Amir attribute it to?
10. Why did the General urge Amir and Soraya not to adopt?
11. Where did Amir buy a house?

1. Who called Amir and asked him to come to Pakistan?

Rahim Khan called Amir and asked him to come to Pakistan.

2. How long have Amir and Soraya been married at this point?

They have been married for 15 years at this point.

3. How long did Amir plan to be gone for?

4. Where did Rahim Khan live?

Rahim Khan lived in Kabul.

5. Who lived in Baba’s house after he and Amir fled Kabul?

Rahim Khan lived in Bab’s house after him and Amir fled from Kabul.

6. Why were the Afghans glad to have the Taliban in the beginning?

The Afghans were glad to have the Taliban in the beginning because the Taliban got their start as men started bringing in cash to the Afghans fighting the Russians.

7. Why did Rahim Khan want Hassan to come live with him?

In the book The Kite Runner Rahim Kahn had been best friends with Baba and Amir. After Baba had escaped to America he had asked Rahim to keep care of his place. Rahim is also aware that Hassan is Baba's son. When Hassan was a child Rahim Kahn had watched him grow up and knew that he deserved to have more. However, he was also aware that the boy could not get his

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