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module Assignment Contents 1. Introduction-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 2. Detailed SWOT analysis of KOYO-----------------------------------------------------------------4 3.1 External MACRO and MICRO ENVIRONMENT of Britain and USA----------------------6 3.2 Lifecycle Analysis of Britain and USA---------------------------------------------------------11 4. Motive for internationalization of KOYO-----------------------------------------------------12 5. National competitive advantage of Britain and USA---------------------------------------13 6. Entry modes in Britain and…show more content…
So I suggest can enter to Britain and the United States this country. The following analysis is based on this two countries market. 3.1 External MACRO and MICRO ENVIRONMENT of UK and USA The MACRO environment PESTEL analysis in Britain Political factors: Britain has a good investment environment, infrastructure is extremely advanced, commercial laws and regulations are perfect. Britain is the EU's largest textile clothing is one of the markets. The UK economy the development of foreign has high dependence. So pay special attention to and promote a completely free trading system. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said hope more than 100 Chinese companies investment in Britain before 2010. Although foreign trade laws and regulations, take the EU common policy, but on the whole the British government unlimited to the enterprise outside the European Union countries import or export, this
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