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Lab 5 Assessment Questions 1. What are the three major categories used to provide authentication of an individual? a. Password b. Token c. Shared Secret 2. What is Authorization and how is this concept aligned with Identification and Authentication? Authorization is a set of rights defined for a subject and an object; this concept is aligned with Identification and Authentication because these are the 3 steps to the access control process 3. Provide at least 3 examples of Network Architecture Controls that help enforce data access policies at LAN-to-WAN Domain level. a. Remote Access Servers b. Authentication Servers c. Logical IDS 4. When a computer is physically connected to a network port, manual procedures and/or an…show more content…
7. PKI provides the capabilities of digital signatures and encryption to implement what security services? Name at least three. a. Identification and authentication through digital signature of a challenge b. Data integrity through digital signature of the information c. Confidentiality through encryption 8. What is the X.509 standard and how does it relate to PKI? The X.509 formatted public key certificate is one of the most important components of PKI. This certificate is a data file that binds the identity of an entity to a public key. The data file contains a collection of data elements that together allow for unique authentication of the own ingenuity when used in combination with the associated private key. 9. What is the difference between Identification and Verification in regard to Biometric Access Controls? Identification processes are significantly more complex and error prone than verification processes. Biometrics technologies are indicators of authentication assurance with results based on a predetermined threshold with measurable False Accept Rates and False Reject Rates. 10. Provide a written explanation of what implementing Separation of Duties would look like

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