lab report on physical activity

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Cardiovascular Endurance
I did the 1 mile walk and my time was 17 minutes and 26 seconds. My heart rate at the end of my walk was 100 bpm. My VO2 max was a 48.72 and for my people are around my age that just ranked in the category of just good.
I was not able to perform the 3 minute step test because of medical reasons.
The benefits of the step test would be that there is not a lot of energy being exerted by the participants. Unlike running, stepping comes natural making this test less challenging people. The people who would benefit most from the step test would be the people who aren’t too physically active in their daily lives and people coming back from a lower extremity injury.
The benefit of the run or walk test is that you
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Seated Leg Curl
Muscle group used: gluteus, hamstrings
Adjust back pad
Adjust ankle pad
Adjust weight
Put legs on ankle pad then adjust thigh pad
Slowly curl down
Weight used: 30
16. MTS Kneeling Leg Curl
Muscle group used: hamstrings
Adjust ankle pad
Adjust weight
Slowly curl leg up
Weight used: 30
17. MTS Triceps Extension
Muscle group: triceps
Adjust seat
Adjust weight
Adjust arm pad
Put arms on arm pad
Extend arms out
Weight used: 30
18. Biceps Curl
Muscle group: biceps
Adjust seat
Grab handles
Curl up
Weight used:65
19. Pulldown
Muscle group used: biceps, latissimus dorsi
Adjust seat height to secure legs
Stand up and grip handles in desired position and the sit down
Pull handles down
Weight used: 110
20. Lateral Raise
Muscle used: deltoids
Adjust seat height to align shoulders
Sit facing machine position forearms on pads
Raise elbows until even with shoulders
Weight used: 30
21. Fly
Muscle groups: pectoralis major, anterior deltoid
Adjust seat so that elbows are slightly below shoulders
Adjust start position with range of motion
Sit with chest up
Slowly push hands together while keeping shoulders placed against back pad and return
Weight used: 90
22. Back Extension
Muscles used: erector spines, gluteus
Place feet on foot support
Adjust the foot support
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