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Ladies and Gentlemen Survey and Report
Natasha Gurley
Dr. Terry Hammons
Strayer University
August 21,2012

Ladies and gentlemen survey and report
People who are well-rounded are perceived differently by different people with respect to what they consider as balancing of the world around them. More considerations are given to the nature of the surrounding around people in terms of how they behave, what is expected of them and if they coincide with their age, success in life or anticipated wisdom at specific age. The level of socialization of a well-rounded individual is expected to be moderate in such a manner that one can converse with almost everyone, but not all.
Reflecting on the argument of Castiglione in
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5. A noble lady should love one man to whom she will marry, never have hatred for her husband and never be jealous.
The Study
A survey was conducted to investigate the similarity and differences observed on the characteristics of “Ladies and Gentlemen” described by Castiglione and those exhibited by the todays “Ladies and gentlemen.” A sample of 16 participants was used, and they were grouped according to gender and age; 4 children (2 boys and 2 girls aged between 0-13), 4 adolescents (2 boys and 2 girls aged 14-19), 4 adults (2 gents and 2 ladies aged 20-65), 4 old aged people (2 women and 2 men aged 66-above).
An interview was conducted and the responses from these participants recorded. There was open interview especially to the children and adolescents on how they receive the conduct and behavior of their fellow age mates and those above their age. Closed interview was also conducted to the adults and the old aged participants and their responses recorded. Questions regarding their perception towards the behavior and conducts of the current “ladies and gentlemen” and those of the past were asked and the data collected recorded.
No. supporting similarities
No. supporting differences Children
2 Males and 2 Female
2 Male
2 Females
1 Female and 1 Male
1Males and 1 Female
Old Aged
2 Females and 1 Male
1 Male
According to the responses
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