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A Thesis Proposal presented to the Faculty of the College of Hospitality Management
Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez
Institute of Science and Technology

In Partial fulfillment
Of the requirements for the Subject CA 105 Leading to the Degree of
Bachelor of Science in Hospitality
Management Major in Culinary Arts

The Problem and Its Background
Candy came to America in the early eighteenth century from Britain and France. Only a few of the early colonists were proficient in sugar work and were able to provide the sugary treats for the very wealthy. Rock candy, made from crystallized sugar, was the simplest form of candy, but even this basic form of sugar was considered a luxury and was only attainable
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The Output (O) reflects the result of the study which is highly acceptable Lagundi lemon candy.

Input Process Output

Statement of the Problem This study will be conducted to determine the acceptability of Lagundi Lemon Candy. Specifically, is sought to answer the following sub-problem.
1. What are the ingredients and materials needed for Lagundi Lemon Candy?
2. How do the respondents assess the quality characteristics of Lagundi Lemon Candy in terms?
a. Texture;
b. Color;
c. Appearance; and
d. Taste
3. Is there a significant difference on the assessment of the three groups of respondents on the quality characteristics of the Lagundi Lemon Candy?
4. What is the level of acceptability of Lagundi Lemon Candy?

Hypothesis The researchers hypothesizes that there is no significant difference on the assessment of the three groups of respondents in terms of appearance and other quality characteristics of Lagundi Lemon Candy.

Scope and Limitation of the Study This study is limited to the following scope and limitations. This study focuses on the preparation of Lagundi Lemon Candy; determine the significant difference and quality characteristics in the assessment of the three groups of respondents and its level of acceptability. There are three (3) groups of respondents consisting of ten

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