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Law Assessment
Outcome 1

1) List the main sources of Scots Law?
Legislation (Statute)
Judicial Precedent
Institutional Writers
2) List any four Acts of Parliament from within the UK
Statute of Westminster adoption Act 1942
Post-16 education Act 2013
4th road bridge 2013
National trusts act 2013
3) What is meant by the doctrine of judicial precedent and give an example?
Judicial precedent refers to the sources of law where past decisions made by judges create law for future judges to follow. An example would be the Donoghue vs Stevenson case, where Stevenson had bought ginger beer, and Donoghue had drank it after their been a decomposed snail in it, however their was no charge because she was not in a contract with
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7) What are the four most important institutions of the European Union? Explain their role in the law making process.
The council of ministers- This is the European Union’s main decision making body, it is composed of ministers from the National governments of each of the member states, and meets in Brussels or Luxembourg to agree legislation and policy.
The European Commission – The commission is the EU’s administrative and executive body, it is headed by a president and has a further 24 commissioners.
The European parliament – the EU citizens elect a Member of Parliament, which Leads to subsequent legislation.
The European Court of Justice – The court has a judge fro each member state that sits for a term of six years. The court adjucates on all legal issues and disputes involving community law and must ensure that community law in uniformly interpreted and effectively applied.
8) Explain Institutional Writing and its role in Scots Law?
Writers, lawyers in the 17th and 18th centuries wrote books setting out principles on which Scots law is based, many based on roman Law, lawyers apply the principles to situations, e.g. Stair, Bell, Erskine.
9) Explain custom and its role in Scots law?
Custom is eroded by Statute and development of EU authority in 19th century customer responses of community, a court may be asked to give effect to a custom when giving judgement, must add
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