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Commerce 2603
Summer, 2013

Assignment Case
Distribution Date: May 15. 2013

Jim Jones was a B.Comm student at Ivory Tower University in Halifax, and played hockey for the "Commerce A11-Stars” in the ITU inter-faculty league. Bob Black, of the ITU Law School, played for the "Law School Lumpers" in the same league.

One evening, Jim checked Bob heavily into the boards during a game. Bob retaliated, as he fell, by slashing Jim across the back of the neck with his hockey stick. The slash opened a two inch wound in the back of Jim's neck. Jim, in turn, dropped his stick and gloves and raised his fists, but the referees intervened and ended the exchange before any blows were thrown by either Jim or Bob. Shouting from the two
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On March 29, Sean received a letter from Tim, in which Tim said he had decided to accept Sean's offer, and would pay him the $7,500 when he returned to Halifax on April 6. The letter had been mailed from Pearson Airport in Toronto on March 25. Sean read Tim’s letter and decided that, since he'd already sold the car to Jim, he'd just tell Tim he'd sold it to someone else when he returned to Halifax. On April 7, Tim arrived on Sean's doorstep and produced $7,500 in cash, saying he’d come for the Cadillac. Seeing the cash, Sean elected to take it. He took the cheque and handed the car keys to Tim. Sean told Tim that Jim had also wanted the Cadillac and would be disappointed. Nothing further was said about the matter, and after some discussion about the memories they had made on the previous summer’s road trip, Tim drove off in the Cadillac. Both Sean and Tim had forgotten there was no motor oil in the car. On April 8, having come directly to Sean’s house when he was released from the hospital, Jim arrived on Sean' s doorstep, saying he'd come for the Cadillac.

“I sold it to T1m, here's your cheque back. I'll give you back the other $200 in a couple of days,” said Sean.

Jim was furious. He refused to take the cheque, saying

"Get my car back from Tim. I'll be back for it tomorrow.”

Jim left in a huff. On the evening of April 8, Sean received a phone call from Tim. Tim told him that he

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