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_CASE STUDY: STEVE JOBS -- APPLE_ Question 1 EXPLAIN HOW EACH OF THE FIVE ELEMENTS OF OUR DEFINITION OF LEADERSHIP APPLIES TO STEVE JOBS LEADING APPLE? As defined by Mr. Achua; leadership is the influencing process of leaders and followers to achieve organizational objectives through change. He defined effective leader to be someone who have the five elements of leadership as mentioned in the above figure. Mr. Steve Jobs has been a good example of being an effective leader for Apple. The five elements in his personality are discussed as follows; _INFLUENCE_ Influencing is the process of a leader communicating ideas, gaining acceptance of them, and motivating followers to support and implement the ideas through change. Mr. Jobs has…show more content…
Jobs being the leader of Apple. But the most important role that he played was being an entrepreneur that comes under decisional role. Following are the roles that he played while leading Apple; _FIGURE HEAD_ Mr. Jobs performed the figurehead role for Apple when he used to represent the organization. He used to make announcement for the launch of products, interacted with the customers. Signing official documents, entertaining clients or customers as official representatives. He used to give live interviews. He also used to informally talk to people and attend outside meetings as an organizational representative. _LEADER_ Mr. Jobs played the leader role that is of performing the management functions to effectively operate the managers' organization unit. According to the case he made decision for hiring professional management. He used to do coaching and give instructions to design department specifically. He used to confront people if the performance of employees falls but also used to reward them if they performed well. _MONITOR_ Mr. Jobs performed the monitor role when he used to gather information for innovative products, to discover problems and opportunities, and to understand events outside the organizational unit. He was a perfectionist. He used to monitor everything very closely. According to the case he was obsessive CEO who wanted his product to be practically perfect in every way. He was the one who stop the launch of one of

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