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Project Report On Learning Lab Denmark Based on Richard Ivory School of Business Study on Organizing from Scratch INCLUDEPICTURE http// MERGEFORMATINET Table of Contents Executive Summary Analysis study on Questions Has designing and leadership at Learning Lab Denmark been effective so far Why/why not What about organisational culture What are the opportunities and challenges of designing and leading Learning Lab Denmark Identify tensions, problems, issues, paradoxes, characteristics, and dilemmas that make organizational design and leadership ongoing challenges in new ventures such as Learning Lab Denmark. What is…show more content…
LLD S design structure was creating an inability to deal with interdependencies between divisions. The culture of LLD is like business with profits, but it should be like educational institute, it should not see any profits, for its research. It should see only societal benefits for research. It should be non-profit organization. LLD from inception with clear cut objectives and goals to deliver did not have right organization structureAs DPU as an separate entity, use of their facilities and on top handle administrative work of LLD was the first point of failure of LLD. Old and New structures can never mix together both have their own benefits and style.DPU weighted their style of management and follow SOPs are the classic case of organizational culture. LLD following, DPUs organizational culture has seen point of failure in their work environment as well projects. Two leaderships Managing Director and Research Director with clear cut separate roles are not seen to be ineffective, in fact that strengths LLDs strategy. Boundary crossing could be an important part of the organization today and that important aspects of learning take place between organization and not only within Since its creation, LLD has been experiencing many challenges and facing managerial problems. Given its complex organization, the most critical managerial problem is the lack of unity and coordination inside the organization (which means among
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