left brain vs right brain

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Left Brain vs. Right Brain: Implications of Learning Foundations of Online Learning Abstract A left-brain dominant person’s attributes are different than that of a right-brained person. This difference causes these two groups to have different learning styles. A left-brain dominant tends to be better at spelling and math. This is because this person can see all of the pieces. A right- brain dominant person tends be better at writing, biology, and other hands on subjects. A left-brain dominant person can understand lectures. A right-brain dominant person does better at hand on activities. It is important for him to discover and use the learning style that helps them to succeed academically.…show more content…
684). Each student needs to determine what his best leaning style is. The learning style determines how well and how fast they can retain the information. Adjustments can be made to improve the student’s learning ability. Bransford, Brown, and Cocking (1999) suggests that different methods can be used in subjects such as math for the student to better understand the subject (p. 169). In math models can be used to explain the equation and the steps to get the answer. For lectures teachers can provide background information prior to the presentation. This will help some students work backwards to be able to see the conclusion. Left-brain dominant students practicing writing, will experience an increase in their writing ability. Pfabigan, Alexopoulos, and Sailer (n.d.) suggest that it is possible that a person’s dominant side of the brain can cause them to be antisocial, but is not likely. The results from the study are too close for the right and left hemisphere of the brain, to determine that antisocialism is from brain dominance (para. 12). It’s more likely that antisocialism is genetic, not from brain dominance. Being antisocial can be compared to a fear. The only way of overcoming a fear is be doing it. For someone that is antisocial the best thing to do is go out and overcome it. That person should talk to the stranger in line at the grocery store. When on vacation the person should talk to strangers. The person
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