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Legalization of Marijuana
Cannabis sativa or marijuana, is most known for its euphoric psychological effects when consumed. Many Canadians take part in the use of marijuana which has been illegal in Canada since the early 1900s. The topic of marijuana legalization in Canada has been a highly controversial topic over the last century. It has been discussed recently in the news due to Washington and Colorado both voting to legalize marijuana in November of 2012. The Liberal and Conservative parties both have highly conflicting views on this topic, and many Canadians’ have the misconception that marijuana is a bad ‘gateway’ drug. Marijuana should be legalized in Canada because tax revenue profits will boost Canada’s economy, save millions of
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The application process is very gruelling, time consuming, and many applicants are not approved. Two researchers of the University of Toronto did a study in which they investigated the reasons that people self medicate with marijuana, without it being legal for them to do so as a physician has not prescribed its use. “Compassion clubs outside the law play a vital role in the provision of safe access and therapeutic knowledge about medical marijuana” (Hathaway & Rossiter, 2007, p. 283). The authors investigate these clubs and the members’ experiences, and present the idea that compassion clubs are working illegally, but are providing social justice to people at need. Many people claim that marijuana is addictive and dangerous. In all of the research findings, there is not a single report of someone dying of a marijuana overdose. Many people self medicate with marijuana as it has a wide range of medical benefits. Some people use cannabis to help with ADD, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, depression, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, migraines, etc. (Lucas, P. 2012). Legalization would increase access to marijuana health information, and could provide safer regulation of the plant.
The legalization of marijuana has been an issue for over a generation, and the debate continues to thrive today. Marijuana has been around for centuries and, although some people are against marijuana use, many argue the cannabis plant is extremely beneficial. We as
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