lesson plan in English of grade 7

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ACTIVITY #1 BLENDIND SOUNDS Let’s Talk. Supply the missing lines to each of the dialogs. Choose your answers from the list in the box. Observe blending sounds. A: 1:What time is it? 2:_________________________________________________________________ 3: Istill have time to grab a bite at the canteen. Could you come with me? 4:_________________________________________________________________ 5: I won’t be along. I’ll be in the room before the bells rings. 6:_________________________________________________________________ B. 7: Did you review your work? 8:_________________________________________________________________ 9: Why didn’t you see the glaring mistake in one of the sentence in the first…show more content…
If not underline the verb and write the correct form on the blank. _________a. Jenny combs her hair carefully before going to school. _________b. Allan practice playing the piano every Saturday. _________c. They turns around to watch him. _________d. The girls smile as Jovy arrives. _________e. I like listening to classical music when I study. _________f. Bong and Lisa shares a table during recess time. _________g. She waits by the door for her new friend. _________h. He watches the players get ready for the concert. _________i. You clean the paintbrushes after the lesson. _________j. The parents and teachers clap their hands for awardees. Exercise 2: Underline the correct verb to complete each sentence. a. Jane (appear/appears) on stage like a blooming rose. b. Gino and Luis (walk/walks) slowly towards the principal’s office. c. Joan (hurry/hurries) to the back of the bus. d. Mt friends (wrap/wraps) their gifts with excitement. e. He (smile/smiles) in front of the camera. f. The students (cheer/cheers) for their favorite teams. g. I (wash/washes) any the painful feeling. h. She (enjoy/enjoys) planting
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