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Dear Rebecca and Jessy, Let me start by saying congratulations on your recent engagement. It is an honor being your mother and your future mother in law that you both would like advice on how to effectively communicate in your relationship. In taking an interpersonal communication course, I have learned several concepts that I would like to share with you throughout this letter. I feel that it is only right that I share information I have learned for the marriage you have ahead. I know that you are newly engaged, and this information will prove to be of use in your relationship. It is important that interpersonal communication become the building blocks between both parties. This will highly effect how you interact with one…show more content…
“The fact that we have been communicating all of our lives does not mean that we do it well”. (Sole, 2011). Before you enter into a new life as husband and wife, I will give you some words of wisdom to help you continue to grow as a couple, be able to communicate effectively and be able to overcome the storms that may come throughout your relationship. Although communication can be challenging, understanding what communication is, how each of you communicate, the power of verbal and nonverbal expressions, the ability to listen, control emotions and understanding misconceptions, there are ways to make improvements for a healthier relationship. It is important to realize why we communicate. We communicate for a reason. The primary goal of communication is to share meaning and to connect with other people. Understanding these human needs and communication purposes is essential to success as a communicator. (Sole, 2011) There are many purposes for communicating. One of the most basic purposes is to meet personal needs. Humans are social animals; we need to interact with one another. Another purpose is to learn about yourself and others, this is a process that you must continue well

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