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Chapter I
People are integral part of any organization today. No organization can run without its human resources. In today’s highly complex and competitive situation, choice of right person at the right place has far reaching implications for an organization’s functioning. Employee well selected and well placed would not only contribute to the efficient running of the organization but offer significant potential for future replacement. This hiring is an important function. The process of hiring begins with human resource planning (HRP) which helps to determine the number and type of people on organization needs. Job analysis and job design enables to specify the task and duties of jobs and
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It frequently forms an important part of the work of human resource managers – or designated specialists within work organizations. However, and importantly, recruitment and selection decisions are often for good reason taken by non-specialists, by the line managers. There is, therefore, an important sense in which it is the responsibility of all managers, and where human resource departments exist, it may be that HR managers play more of a supporting advisory role to those people who will supervise or in other ways work with the new employee.
Human Resource Management is a vast term. It comprises of training, recruitment, discipline, employment legislation, reward systems, development, selection, etc. Human resource management believes in flexibility in completing a given task as suggested by Wilson (2005). The dynamic process of inflow and outflow of people within any organization is to be matched with the requirements of the organization in function and this is generally regarded as recruitment and staffing. Recruitment and Selection is a crucial part of human resource management. The process of selecting right candidate for a particular position is known as recruitment and selection. In 1999, Rosenfeld et al. supported the fact that it is up to human resource according to the financial conditions of the organization whether to pay more to an experienced new employee or to pay less for
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