level 3 childcare unit 3

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E1 1. Children act 1989 2. Disability discrimination act 1995 (DDA) 3. Children act 2004 4. Human rights act 1995 5. Equality act 2006 E2 The children act 1989 has influenced some settings by bringing together several sets of guidance and provided the foundation for many of the standards practitioners sustain and maintain when working with children. The act requires that settings work together in the best interests of the child and form partnerships with parents or carers. It requires settings to have appropriate adult to child ratios and policies and procedures on child protection. This act has had an influence in all areas of practice from planning a curriculum and record keeping. The every child matters framework has…show more content…
E4 Washing hands before touching food is very important as you get rid of any bacteria or dirt which could be harmful towards the child. Every staff member should be CRB checked. This makes sure they have no criminal history. And that they are safe to work with children. An admissions policy is also important almost settings operate on a ‘first come first served basis’ which means who ever applies first get a place first. E5 At one of my settings the children were given time each day for independent learning. This means the children are free to choose what they would like to do from a choice of activities like painting, construction, graphics, and reading. There are so many different strategies in which a setting can use self-reliance. Two strategies that I’ve picked are independent learning and morning routine. Children need routines to give them security. It reassures them that they are safe and in a caring and loving environment. When the children come in they know that they have to put their coat and bags on their pegs. These pegs are named and some settings have a picture next to their peg. The pegs are at their level which makes the job easier for the child. All of this encourages independence as the children are self-reliant and they don’t have to rely on the teacher. This improves the child’s self-efficacy as they start to believe that they can perform certain tasks by themselves it also makes the child aware of their strengths and weakness. E6 To
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