level of knowledge on the importance of basic personal hygiene among the Grade 5 pupils of WNU, Academic Year 2013-2014

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Chapter 1

Background of the Study

Personal hygiene has always been a part of a person’s daily activities but what is really the depth of an individual’s understanding of why personal hygiene should be practiced every day? One’s behavior towards practicing personal hygiene greatly aids in the prevention of diseases; thus, an optimal component to the well-being of people. More studies have also depicted the health benefits of improved hygiene (Fewtrell et al. 2005) Boot and Cairncross (1993) mentions hand washing and nail cleaning; washing of the face; bathing; hygiene post defecation; and washing of towels, beddings, clothes, etc. before use as part of personal hygiene. At an early age, children are educated about
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After the grouping, the researchers will take the tally result of each item per group of variable using table showing the tally of each item per variable subdivision. They will then compare the results basing on the three (3) variables stated to know the difference of level of understanding on basic hygiene practices of the respondents and see the significance among the said variables using formulated table to see clear comparison result. If the result is not coinciding with the stated hypothesis of the study, the researchers will re-distribute the questionnaires to the respondents; will be answered by the respondents, and will be gathered by the researchers for re-tallying and re-comparing. If the result is or is not coinciding with the stated hypothesis, the researchers will then make a summary, conclusion and recommendations basing on the gathered results.

Conceptual Framework

This study will base on the following conceptual framework. This will be the guideline of the researchers through this study. The flow of the study depends on this framework.

Scopes and Limitation of the Study

This study is about the level of knowledge on the importance of basic personal hygiene among the Grade 5 pupils of WNU, Academic Year 2013-2014. It includes all aspects and statements regarding personal hygiene practices and the
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