level pool routing report

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Level Pool Routing Laboratory Report
Hydrology and Open Channel
University of Newcastle

Results and Discussion:
Reservoir Flows:
Inflow from the tank was calculated using the known internal dimensions of the tank, the % full reading, and the time step which the data was collected.

Where tank volume is (m3), radius =0.2m, and the depth =2.873m

Where Inflow from the tank), tank volume is (m3), % Full is the percentage of initial tank volume expressed as a decimal, and change in time is measured in seconds.
The inflow into the tank was then graphed to show the Inflow vs. Time, the results obtained had some outliers in the initial negative trend so a linear interpolation of the part of the data set
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The water level (observed) and water level (simulated) water levels and the variation over time were graphed below in figure 5.

Figure 5 Predicted vs. experimental h comparison

The data shown in figure 5 demonstrates the adequacy of the Level Pool Routing approximation. The two water levels run very closely with very little error. The difference between the two can be attributed to human error when reading the observed times during the experiment.

Conclusion and Recommendations:
A level pool routing experiment was carried out to determine the adequacy of results obtained through simulated flood routing. The experiment yielded experimental results from which calculations of inflow; storage and discharge over a weir were obtained. The Energy Grade line from the tank to the pipe outlet was observed as well as the relationship between the tank discharge to the square root of height. Noted from this was that height was the driving force of flow from the tank.
Following, a Puls flood routing method was used to simulate the event again with theoretical values. The relationship between discharge and discharge with storage over time was obtained and used to calculate theoretical values of discharge and water Level. These were compared with experimental results and a strong correlation was observed.
Reservoir routing yielded reliable results which
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