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Demetrias Henderson
March 28, 2015
The Early and latter stages of Literacy Development

Learning to read and write as a child is an experience that all can relate to. The average child learns to read and write at the early ages of three and four. Developing literacy at an early age is crucial to academic development as well as to performance in life. Early development can be just what a child needs to stimulate their minds, which in turn is assisting in the evolution of their future. The early and latter stages of development in a child’s literacy journey are the makings for their reading and writing skills. It also plays part in their analysis of obstacles as well as their developed or problematic literacy future. A child
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I soon began to excel in writing the alphabet as well as short words. My mom went on to teach me how to write my name, and I soon moved on to learn numbers. I enjoyed writing and began to choose that over playing outside. The following year, I started school and I enjoyed learning more than anything. I succeeded early in my classes due to my eagerness to learn. My experience with the letter E was but a mere speed bump in the future of my literacy and it did nothing to stop me.

Secondly, One of the people most interested in my literacy performance other than my mom was my fifth grade teacher Mr. Greg Monroe. Most students didn’t appreciate his teaching style but I did. Up until this point in my literacy development, I had excelled easily. It wasn’t until I met my teacher that year that I realized everything wasn’t going to be so easy. For the first time I had to actually study rather than to just know the information like normal. Mr. Monroe taught me that I needed to push myself to be better than good, even if it feels like I can’t. Teaching students to go beyond the norm was Monroe’s approach, and I feel as if his approach was extremely helpful as well as encouraging. He taught students to set goals and to develop aspirations. The fifth grade is the last stepping stone to becoming a middle school student which warrants new responsibilities for the students. Mr Monroe made sure that students graduated from his class not only with

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