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A. What fiction is
Fiction (from the Latin fictio, “a shaping, a counterfeiting”) is a name for stories not entirely factual, but at least partially shaped, made up, imagined. It is true that in some fiction, such as historical novel, a writer draws upon factual information in presenting scenes, events, and characters. But the factual information in a historical novel, unlike that in a history book, is of secondary importance.
Fiction as we know it today is considered to be a relatively new genre compared to poetry and drama. The tradition of fiction started with myth and legend and allegory. But the fictional characters in these imaginary worlds were mostly one-dimensional abstractions, personified as Love,
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Plot is the arrangement of events in a story, or the structure of the action. The action in a plot is usually progressive because one force acts upon another. Plot begins with an exposition: the opening portion that sets the scene (if any), introduces the main characters, tells us what happened before the story opened, and provides any other background information that we need in order to understand and care about the events to follow.

D. The short story
In a short story, a form more realistic than the tale and of modern origin, the writer usually presents the main events in greater fullness. A short story is more than just a sequence of happenings. Some literary short stories, unlike commercial fiction in which the main interest is in physical action or conflict, tell of an epiphany: some moment of insight, discovery, or revelation by which a character’s life, or view of life, is greatly altered. Other short stories tell of a character initiated into experience or maturity. The fable and the tale are ancient forms; the short story is of more recent origin.

E. Point of view
A critical issue in any short story is its point of view. The importance of point of view may easily be overlooked, but the choice of the narrator influences the total structure of the story.
There are basically three points of view:

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