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Little miss sunshine
Life to me is a journey you never know where it may lead you! I have chosen to watch and research on the film ‘little miss sunshine’ as I believe it is a great example of journeys. The film Little Miss Sunshine, directed by Jonathon Dayton and Valerie Faris, is about a dysfunctional family that take a road trip to a beauty contest. Along the way to the little miss sunshine pageant, the family must deal with crushed dreams, heart breaks, and a broken-down Volks Wagon bus, leading up to the Surreal Little Miss Sunshine Competition itself.
The Hoover family might not be dysfunctional if it wasn’t for the personal problems which each character face. Olive's is the main character and the only one in the family who
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There are many techniques used in this film. Firstly the directors and their team use a variety of different camera techniques to shape our view on the characters, and ultimately change our view in the world. In the opening sequence each character is introduced using different camera shots. For example Olive’s father is first projected to the audience as a success. There is a sequence of close ups and mid ranged shots which show Richard confidently speaking in a spotlight at the front of the room. However the cinematic team then use a cut to a point of view shot of what Richard sees when he has finished talking, which allows us to then see how much of a failure he really is, as there is only five, half asleep, bored people in the room and only one person applauds Richards work. This first sequence allows us to see that Richard acts and feels like a winner to himself, but when he is seen with the rest of the world he is a failure and a loser. The directors have used this sequence to shape our understanding of winning and losing as it employs the idea that winning and losing is based on comparing yourself to the rest of the world, instead of being on how you feel and view yourself.
Another technique used is the music used in the film. The soundtrack for Little Miss Sunshine is a mix of indie rock and folk music that fits the scenes and overall
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