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Library Objectives

The Objective of the university library is to provide books, periodicals, and other instructional materials to support the academic of the University. To carry out this objectives entail certain functions as follows.

1. Acquisition of Materials. Proper selection and acquisition of varied types of materials (books, periodicals, pamphlets, maps and other materials) needed to support the curriculum.

2. Making Materials Available. The role of the library is not to collect and organize library materials, provide a system for its access and retrieval like card catalogs, index to periodicals, bibliographic listing, labels, etc. for its maximum utilization.

3. Develop among students the skill and resourcefulness
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7. Assumes responsibility for the safe keeping of the library fines until turned over to the treasurer.
8. Evaluates program and services of the library.
9. Conduct library orientation and instruction.
10.Takes responsibility for making sure that books and other library materials loaned out to faculty members, employees and students are returned on time. 11.Performs other functions, duties and responsibilities which may be assigned to him.

The academics degree required for the position of Director of Libraries is a Master of Science in Library Science (MSLS) degree within ability to organize, plan and handle the activities of people. Must have a professional license and must have a background in actual library work and experience in records management, good human relations, desirable works attitudes and personal qualities of an effective supervisor.


APPOINTMENT The Assistant to Director of Libraries is appointed by the University President.

The assistant Director of Libraries reports and is directly responsible to the Director of Libraries. Works directly with the Librarians and Student Assistants in the Main Library and assists the Director of Libraries in the organization of university libraries.

1. Assists the Director of Libraries in managing the Integrated Library

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