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INTRODUCTION Louis Vuitton is one the world biggest brands in the luxury apparel segment. It essentially caters to a niche market segment due to its high prices and exclusive apparels. Louis Vuitton is a flagship of the Moett Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) Group. The flagship of LVMH, Louis Vuitton has been a major driving force behind the growth of the LVMH Group. The Company has seen various changes in the operations and strategies over the years, which have helped it evolve and maintain its premium luxury market. MISSION The mission of Louis Vuitton has been built on three rules they are ; To master his savoir, to provide excellent service to his customers and to innovate continuously. After analyzing the case study it…show more content…
The Brand image helps them attract more high-end customers who look for brand quality and exclusivity. Distribution channels, own stores and no licensing Louis Vuitton has its own stores and it does not provide licensing, this helps them not only in eliminating counterfeit products but also helps in maximizing their profits as there are no merchants and all the stores are company owned. Design and craftsmanship, tie ups with designers. LV as mentioned constantly focuses on new innovative designs and high quality. Their tie up with Marc Jacobs proved to be a successful resource for them. Quality in raw materials. The quality of product what they use for their products is very high which helps them in their USP and which also why their customers like them. It also helps them in building the brand loyalty. In house Manufacturing Practices. High efficiency and productivity because of in house manufacturing. Which also helps in high quality standards and uniqueness. LV reorganized the manufacturing line where it trained its employees in improving the productivity. Financial resources. The main key resource of the company is its access to huge financial capital, which helped the company in many possible ways. As LV had good financial resources they were able to invest huge money in infrastructure and processes required for designing and manufacturing. This also helped the company in acquiring many other luxury goods

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