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Letter to the Editor Sherry Grant LTC/328 January 27, 2014 Margaret Cultice Letter to the Editor Sherry Grant Val Idpoint January 24, 2014 Dear Editor, Your article pertaining to the crimes against the older population was thorough and well delivered. The elderly population is indeed becoming victimized on a larger scale than has been seen in the past. This increase is a result of the growing number of seniors living in society with little protection. Perhaps the most compelling part of your article was that of your question “Who is responsible for protecting these individuals?” You pose quite a thought and emotion invoking question and one which I could not help but share…show more content…
If a family member is suspected of being the perpetrator of abuse, neglect, or exploitation they should in fact not be involved in the seniors life but otherwise there should be a common sense rule that we look out for our family members. Too often seniors refuse to report abuse, neglect, or crime against them out of fear of losing independence. It is a common misconception that being victimized will deem you unfit to live independently and will result in being placed in a facility of some sort. It is important that seniors feel they can turn to those around them with concerns and incidents that occur. In the event that a senior is not forthcoming with information there are a number of avenues that may involve reporting of suspected incidents. Hospitals, doctors, community service organizations, and long term care facilities can report suspected crimes to authorities or Department of Social Services in an effort to protect the individual. If a senior cannot properly protect themselves then health care professionals from all areas should have the ability to act on behalf of the individual to seek help but not dictate the overall outcome as a result. For example: simply finding that a person has been a victim of exploitation should not mean that a person be moved immediately into a facility forfeiting their right to care for themselves. All facilities acting to protect a senior should aim to preserve senior

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