macbeth plot analysis

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01.08 Macbeth Plot Analysis Graphic Organizer

Plot Elements
Act in the Play

The beginning of the play in which the characters and settings are introduced and initial conflicts are also presented.

Act 1

Rising Action:

The point of the play in which the initial story gets more complicated and the conflict is more revealed.

Act 2

The highest point and also the turning point of the story in which many of the initial situations change.

Act 3
Falling Action:

The point of the story in which the conflicts and complications start to get resolved.

Act 4

The conclusion part of the story in which the outcomes of the story are
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Banquo and Donalbain! Malcolm! awake!
Shake off this downy sleep, death’s counterfeit,
And look on death itself! up, up, and see
The great doom 's image! Malcolm! Banquo!”

2. This event is the rising action in which the conflict is more complicated sets up the chain events for the climax action to occur. Also the killing of King Duncan will allow Macbeth to be the King and foreshadows his will to commit more murders.

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Why is it important to the story?

3. After the Killing of the King, Macbeth worries a lot about the revelations of his actions and Lady Macbeth is trying to cheer and stop worrying, but his fear of the witches’ prophecy about Banquo’s desire to seize the throne makes Macbeth gather a group to murder him.

3. Lady Macbeth tells Macbeth to stop thinking about the things which cannot be changed: “ Things without all remedy should be without regard.” Also after the killing of Bonquo, Macbeth is paranoid and behaves strangely: “ Thou canst not say I did it: never shake thy gory locks at me.”
3. The importance of this event is the evidence of the previous foreshadowings of Macbeth’s ambitions of power which has brought him higher ambitions such as murdering the ones who disagree with him or doubt his loyalty.
Choose one of the events you added to your graphic organizer and think about why it is an important piece of the plot. Focus
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