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Malcolm X Malcolm was born on May 19, 1925 in an Omaha hospital. He was born into a world of hatred and violence toward his kind, and from he was little, he knew that he would die in a similar manner. Malcolm’s father who was a large black man was a Baptist Minister. Though he and his family on many occasions were threatened by members of the Black legion and the Ku Klux Klan, that if he did not stop starting preaching of Marcus Garvey, that they would kill him. Malcolm’s father was not a scared man, and he continued to preach. Ever since Malcolm was little, he never had much respect for the Christian religion or the followers of it. One of Malcolm’s earliest memories was an afternoon in 1921 when he had seen his mother and father…show more content…
He became one of the best students in the school. Despite Malcolm’s academic success, his most memorable occurrence at the school was when his English teacher asked him what he planned to be when he grew up. Malcolm who had really not given the topic much thought blurted out that he might become a lawyer. What had hurt Malcolm the most was that this was coming from the same teacher who encouraged students who hadn’t half as good grades as Malcolm to peruse their goals. This little lecture had discouraged Malcolm, and he began to withdraw himself from school. And by some miracle his sister Ella was able to have him transferred to Massachusetts as soon as he had finished the 8th grade. He meets a man named Shorty, and he “schools him on how to be hip.” It turned out that Shorty was also from Lansing. The two hit it off, and Shorty never knew how young Malcolm was. At first the friends just have fun together going Lidney hopping, and conking their hair to look white, and “Red” being hooked up by Shorty’s many connections. One night Malcolm decided to take a girl named Laura who he had become friendly with Lidney hopping. She had a very strict grandmother who she was living with, and she had a big fight with her about her attending the dance session with Malcolm. Laura was an excellent student, and was always reading a book. But the first fight with her grandmother had triggered

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