malunggay and spinach powder

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“Malunggay and Spinach Powder” SUBMITTED BY: WILNAN DURAN IRISH BECEIRA PRINCESS KIETH CABILAN SUBMITTED TO: MS. CATHERINE LONGAKIT Abstract: The study aimed to introduce the combination of Malunggay and Spinach powder in order to make a natural, nutritious and practical supplement for all especially to those health-conscious individuals.Nevertheless, this study wouldn’t be possible without the everlasting love, care and assistance from the researchers family, who supported her in the procurement of the much needed logistics and references, cultivated and propagated the Malunggay and Spinach plants for the study.…show more content…
Methodology: In acquiring the study of Malunggay and Spinach powder, constant research wasdone. Facts were gained from books and computer resources. The abundance of the said vegetables which most of the time left out wilted aroused a curious mind thus the research drew its concept. The accessibility and availability of both vegetables inspired the research where an actual and continuous propagation was made to ensure freshness of harvest during the several process of experimentation. A series of trial and error process was made wherein an exact time of harvest must be observed and storage in a well-ventilated room must be followed. Three rooms in the house were carefully chosen in which a room at the basement was ample to suit the experiment need. Both vegetables compliment each other interms voluminous vitamins and minerals that supplement the everyday nutrient needs of people in order to fulfill their daily activities.The preparation of Malunggay and Spinach powder are as follows:Harvest Malunggay and Spinach leaves early morning just when the dew has dried up.Bundle Malunggay and Spinach leaves and hang upside down in a well-ventilated room.Dont expose to sunlight. Use brown paper bag to catch falling leaves. Use clothes pin to secure the brown paper bag to where you hang both leaves. Allow leaves to fall in the paperbag. Grind,

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