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Management Style Paper Kerri Love HCS/325 August 26, 2014 Jennie Anderson Management Style Paper Many people believe they can either be a good or great manager. The actual reality to this is some people are actually not fit to be a manager either because they do not know what to do or because they do not know how to handle themselves. Throughout this paper, management styles will be discussed, and the qualities of a good manager. Management Management is usually the people that hold the business together. Whether it is making schedules, making sure the books are right or even helping out when needed, management is an important aspect of every business. According to Web Finance (2014), “Management is the organization…show more content…
References Hogan, M. (2014, June 16). 6 qualities of bad managers that send employees running. Retrieved from Mind Tools. (2014). How Good Are Your Management Skills. Retrieved from Morgan, J. (2013, July 23). 5 Must-Have Qualities of the Modern Manager. Retrieved from Web Finance, Inc. (2014). Management. Retrieved from Grading Criteria Management Style Essay This assignment is due in Week One. Content 60 Percent Points Available 3 Points Earned X/3 Additional Comments: Student successfully completes a management quiz from the internet. Student creates an essay that may use the following questions. What do you define as management? What are good qualities of a manager? What are poor qualities of a manager? Do the qualities change based on different situations (social environment, work environment, or home environment)? Do you agree with the results of your management quiz? Discuss. Organization/Development 20 Percent Points Available 1 Points Earned X/1 Additional Comments: The paper is 350 to 700 words in length. The introduction provides sufficient
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