Essay on manager should be a leader

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manager should be a leader
What is leadership? How is it different from being a manager? How can leaders keep their finger on the pulse of what's happening, inspire others to high achievement, guide their team members through difficult decisions, and still have time to actually finish a cup of coffee while it's still warm? The solution is disarmingly simple: Ask questions. Listen to the answers. Ask some more questions. Give good answers to questions asked by others. Easier said than done.The Relationship of Leadership and Management
In general, the middle of the road viewpoints hold that:
1) although there are many overlaps, leadership and management are different things, involving differing skills, behaviors, and viewpoints;
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Before we examine and evaluate each of these, a few definitions are in order:
Influencing Agent – the person doing the influencing
Target – the person being influenced
Dependent Influence – influence that depends on continued intervention by the influencing agent
Independent Influence – influence that continues without further intervention by the influencing agent
Surveillance – the supervision that the influencing agent exerts on the target
In the examples I use in the following paragraphs, the support group leader is the influencing agent and the peer visitation coordinator is the target.
Informational Power - For its strength, informational power relies on learning, which in turn, results in a change in understanding or viewpoint on the part of the target. What's more, the change is independent of the influencing agent and requires no surveillance. In communications designed to exert informational power, then, it's the persuasive content of the message that's important. To be persuasive, a message requires not only information, but it must be presented in a logical, believable, and compelling way. An example of the use of informational power is when a support group leader explains in clear detail to the coordinator of the peer visitation program who has a habit of using untrained people as visitors exactly why this is not a good practice. The explanation is even more persuasive if it is made clear, for example,
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