managerial issues

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Managerial Issues Ryan Shelton CMGT/445 August 27, 2014 Gloria De Leon Managing Information Systems Information systems provide the infrastructure and enable communication for every kind of business in today’s global economy. The responsible managers in charge of these vital systems face several key issues in their efforts to effectively manage corporate information systems. Information systems, particularly hardware and software components, become obsolete very quickly. Another important issue is data storage and availability. The need for expanding data storage and processing capacity brings management concerns about space, facility requirements, and energy…show more content…
Training employees to perform adaptive maintenance requires constant technical training. It also requires managers to build employee confidence in nontechnical disciplines such as team building, online collaboration, and ways to build meaningful relationships with end-users. Communicating effectively with users will provide managers and technical staff with valuable data about the systems they are administering and the kinds of features that their customers want to see added to new software builds. Another aspect of training employees for adaptive maintenance is educating them on the expense of making deep changes to an information system. The responsibility for keeping maintenance costs reasonable should stay with the manager; however, educating employees on the financial side of their information system will aid them in determining if a change is worth making or if they should wait for a major change or upgrade opportunity. Adaptive maintenance is an effective tool for information systems managers, but the costs of making changes should always be weighed against the benefits to the organization. New Frontiers: Managing Information Systems in a Global Economy Perhaps the greatest challenge to managing information systems today is globalization. The lack of international borders to business has created many new opportunities but also many new challenges for managers. Untapped technology markets exist in many developing
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