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MPK732: Marketing Management OPTION A: CASE STUDY ANALYSIS REPORT Tough Mudder – Not for the faint hearted (Vieceli 2012) Unit Chair: Dr. Nichola Robertson 3 May 2013 Executive Summary: This report presents a case study analysis of the US-based mud run event, Tough Mudder, presented in Vieceli’s (2012) case study, Tough Mudder – Not for the Faint-Hearted. Three years since its inception, Tough Mudder has become a leader in the new obstacle racing events industry and recently expanded into Australia in 2012. This entry into a country deemed to have their ‘biggest market anywhere in the world’ by co-founder Guy Livingston (Dumas 2012), offers…show more content…
2.0 CASE STUDY PROBLEMS: TOUGH MUDDER 2.1 The marketing environment A macro-environmental (PESTLE) analysis has been conducted for the marketing manager of the Tough Mudder event (Table 1.0), using a low-medium-high scale for projected probability of impact. Based on this analysis the main opportunities and threats facing Tough Mudder in Australia are presented in Section 2.1.2. 2.1.1 Macro-environmental Analysis Table 1.0 PESTLE Analysis: Tough Mudder ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS IMPACT Prob. Political-Legal: Complex Negligence tort laws system (Bugg, 2006) This impacts Tough Mudder through high legal, public liability insurance, and risk management costs (Lapowsky, 2013) High Economic: Low consumer confidence While Australia not as hard hit, the GFC lowered consumer confidence resulting in restrained consumption (AWPA, 2012; Marketline, 2012). High Demographic: The Average Australian Australian trends in sport participation Female participation in physical recreation 37-year-old Australia-born woman, married with two children, living in the suburbs (not 29-year-old male of fifty-years-ago) (Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2013; Smail, 2013) ABS (2012b) states: 65% participated in sport at least once between 2010-2011; Higher participation rates in
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